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Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

Become a Six-Figure Earner as a Permanent Makeup Artist!

Take control of your future with Glam Squared’s career-changing course!

Are you looking to change your life from the ground up, starting with your profession? Have you always had a knack for makeup and wanted to pursue a career in the beauty industry? Are you determined to put in the work to learn the skills and gain the knowledge it takes to earn a six-figure income as a permanent makeup artist? When you join Glam Squared’s Permanent Makeup Fundamentals Course, you can expect a comprehensive program that begins to thoroughly prepare you for success as a beauty professional in Alberta.

What's included?

During the online theory, you will study:

  • related hygiene, health and safety

  • related anatomy and physiology

  • color theory

  • contra-indications

  • contra-actions

  • general preparation for all pmu procedures offered by Glam Squared

During the comprehensive in-person course, you will learn how to:

  • prepare the treatment area

  • prepare the client for treatment

  • carry out a client consultation

  • carry out a patch test

  • perform basic and advanced brow techniques 

  • choose correct needle grouping for procedures based on client variables

  • design and map procedures based on client variables

  • properly stretch the skin for optimal healed results

  • provide appropriate aftercare advice


Ready to Change Your Career Once and For All?

About Me

Are You Ready to Thrive in the Beauty Industry?

Join The Permanent Makeup Fundamentals Program


Hi, I’m Leeann Royle, a professional cosmetologist with over 26 years of experience in the beauty industry. I have been certified over 13 times and worked in permanent makeup for six years. Aside from my work as a cosmetologist and permanent makeup artist, I also provide courses to pass on years of invaluable knowledge and experience to students looking to enter the beauty industry. 


While I cannot guarantee that you will earn six figures, I can promise you the most comprehensive course, equipping you with all the skills and knowledge necessary to be a successful permanent makeup artist. That, along with my ongoing support and mentorship (even after you complete the course), as well as your determination and drive to succeed will set you up in the best way to make your dreams of a six-figure income possible! 


I have a clearly defined mission, and that is to empower you through unparalleled education and mentoring. By nurturing you throughout the learning process and instilling in you the confidence to succeed, I am determined to help you prepare for a career change that is long-lasting and successful. Take the first step by reaching out and we’ll go the rest of the journey together.

Why The Permanent Make Up Fundamentals Program?

Change your Career Once and for All

The Potential to Earn Six Figures

This course provides excellent value for money, offering you 100+ online theory modules and 40+ hours of one-on-one sessions. Once you complete the program, you will have the knowledge, skills, and confidence to start a career as a permanent makeup artist with the opportunity to earn six figures!

Flexible Schedule

A combination of online and one-on-one in-person learning provides you optimal flexibility and allows you to arrange your lessons to suit your schedule.

Ongoing Support

Unlike other trainers who teach you the basics and then leave you to yourself, I care about your future success and provide ongoing mentorship even when you complete the course. I provide an additional three months of in-person support to assist you with client procedures, demos, and models as needed until you feel confident enough to work on your own.

Here's what our past clients have to say:

Ready to Change Your Career and Your Life for the Better?

Sign up to The Permanent Makeup Fundamentals Program, and achieve make-up mastery, a new career, and a better future

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